Veterinary Clinics, Animal Hospitals, and Pet Care Facilities

With 36 years of building experience and having completed more than 125 veterinary, animal, and pet related construction projects, Kline Rostocil Construction has the expertise to deliver not just building solutions, but business solutions that:

  • Promote peace of mind
  • Facilitate efficient work flow relative to patient traffic and diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up sequencing
  • Ensure compatibility of the space with the latest veterinary medical and animal surgical technologies and furnishings
  • Provide staff, patient, and pet friendly environments
  • Facilitate operating cost efficiencies and revenue generation
  • Utilize sustainable construction techniques and materials, providing:
    • Odor control
    • Moisture containment
    • Noise management
  • In the case of renovations or conversions, minimize disruption to daily business activities, keeping the practice functioning during renovation with minimal or no downtime.

Kline Rostocil Construction specializes in facilities with multiple self-contained interior space requirements, from your lobby and reception areas to exam, surgical and rehabilitation rooms.

Traffic Control and Flow

Traffic patterns are important for veterinary hospitals and clinics. The location of the reception desk, waiting area, surgical and treatment areas, and examination rooms must allow for smooth traffic flow that minimizes movement and allows safe entry and exit of clients and staff.

Odor Control and Containment

Specialized HVAC systems are designed to keep the interior air clean and fresh by containing unpleasant odors.

Noise Management

Kline Rostocil Construction uses proprietary soundproofing technology that reduces noise and helps prevent sounds from reaching outer offices and waiting areas.