Value Engineering Services

Specializing in commercial, industrial, controlled-environment and institutional structures, Kline Rostocil Construction’s two-phase Value Engineering service is designed to ensure the employment of sound construction approaches, designs, processes, and materials.

Value Engineering Phase I – Design Review

This phase defines the project requirements and may include some or all of the following:

  • Direct consultation with the owner
  • Review of site and local conditions
  • Make recommendations for design and construction feasibility
  • If an architect has not been selected, Kline Rostocil Construction will aid in establishing preliminary drawings for site and floor plans, elevations, wall sections, finishes and mechanical and electrical requirements and will suggest experienced and reputable architects fitting your project’s needs
  • If the owner has already established a relationship with an architect, Kline Rostocil Construction will review the plans with the owner and the architect and make recommendations, where appropriate, based on our extensive knowledge of construction.

Value Engineering Phase II – Construction

  • Review drawings and establish an estimated cost
  • After all owner approvals of plans and variables, establish a guaranteed cost for construction
  • Supply a time and delivery schedule
  • Obtain permits and/or all legal documents required
  • Begin construction